4 Very Good

This type of real stories must have been told. Director Mr. Ram Madhvani work is good. Story line was clear in trailer itself. Screenplay by Saiwyn Qadras, offers few good and emotional scenes, like when mother is trying to get up her daughter. The chemistry between mother and daughter clearly reflects the bonding. An old lady asks to air hostess about her marital status, supposedly looking for bride for her grand son travelling with her, it looks real and makes you smile but this approach goes over board in many scenes too, like the flash cut of Mother doing a bit melodrama after getting the news of plane hijack, boy friend crying in the front of her hoarding, as if they were sure about the end. Main lead had pushed to sing a song and she sings 'Mere Sapno Ki Rani', it looks like a humorous scene but the place it comes you will be in dead confusion to laugh or feel irritation. Even it would be a real incident but writers should have been improvised it in touchy manner. Film starts on good note but then gradually slows down in first half. Second half starts on slow pace but maintains its pace in good way till climax. Hand held camera work gives much needed impact to build up the tension but they used this in home scenes too, which suffocates the scope of few relief. There was no scope for dialogues except the climax dialogues, which are very good but it should have been little crisp. Dialogues credit goes to Sanyukta Chawla Sheikh . Performance wise Sonam Kapoor as Neeraja Bhanot is impressive. #JimSarbah as terrorist Khalil is very good. His portrayal of character is so believable that you have to remind yourself that it is a movie. Shabana Aazmi shows her caliber in climax speech. One time watch is my request to support and pay respect to such type of selfless and brave human being like Neeraja Bhanot, who got bravery award from India, Pakistan and US, very rare combination of nations coming together to salute one person.