1.5 Average


ok ... i saw this movie over the weekend ... it is a good movie with good effects and stuff ...

But there are few things that i picked up which were just not rigth ... Things that are not possible at all.

First thing the Jeep stunt .. it was good but just a question .. how in the world can you drive a jeep with no engine in it. Come on ... Did the director think that it wont be picked up by some one. It clearly shows that the jeep has no engine inside it when it flips and goes down the road.

And after 20 years i can say that ppl do change but in the movie the mother of Vivek is same as before .... She is looks the same as 20 years back .. but the same can not be said for Jacky .. Jacky didnt look the same after 20 years .. he looked aged.

And the stunt where Vivek is the the army truck and is under heavy fire .... come on the truck has petrol gallon all around it and the is shot at but it does not explode or catch fire despite the heavy firing. Now how can that be ... in english movies that same truck would be blown sky high.

I can goes on with this ....

So if you thinking of seeing this movie then do note down my points and see what i mean.