0.5 Poor


This Boring Bollywood movie has copied many Hollywood Films with the basic storyline of National Treasure (Son, following his fathers footsteps in seeking a treasure). Welcome to the jungle (The Rundown) and Jackie Chan's Armour of god.

This movie has a lame plot that is so ridiculous, no wonder it was an instant Flop in the UK. They try to mix mythological trash with modern adventure and the outcome is a disaster.

Some critics in India are saying that this film has good action. When a single man (Sunny Deol) is standing on top of a car and alone is shooting about 30 guys is NOT called Good action, but dumb action and the worst is the ending when Jackie wears the magic armour and our hero is still taking on him. Like i said above, Why bother making a superhero movie in Bollywood (Krrish) when you have Sunny Deol fighting like superman, I guess some directors of Bollywood won't learn. Vivek Oberoi is annoying and i feel like slapping him. Sameera is a time pass added in this movie. Jackie Shroff is alright, but the treasure that the people are looking for is a armour. Jackie wears this armour, but still Sunny is a match for him???????? I don't get it, Viveks father died for this.