2.5 Good

My Name Is Khan

Expectations were really sky high as the hit trio were on with a different subject leaving typical things back. Yes, the subject was different. But it wasn't good enough. Barring Shahrukh Khan, there is nothing to talk about. Karan was witty with autism in his script which adds emotional element in the film. Yes, we all are with the fact that ALL MUSLIMS ARE NOT TERRORISTS. But the screen portrayal was pretty mediocre. Karan should be applauded for trying something new but he should work on giving proper shape to it.

SRK delivered a very good performance. Kadz was almost sidelined. Jimmy shouldn't have done it (at least after Wednesday). SRK-Kadz jodi & the shivsena chapter will certainly boost up the collections of the movie, but this should have been a much much better film. Disappointed!