2.5 Good

My Name Is Khan

It's just an OK movie...nothing special....it's sooo predictable...not a landmark in Bollywood for sure....and it has a sense of Deja Vu...and its superficial aspects superseed the good ones. It's very rare but by the mid of the movie my bum were already paining watching the movie, was pretty boring at some places...I guess the execution needed to be refined a lot. I guess movie in the same genre that can compared to MNIK is New York and the latter was much much interesting. Acting was good too, was good to see Jimmy Shergill in a mainstream movie again, though doesn't get much scope, the actress playing his wife was good too. SRK was good too but not exceptional, becoz it was showing he was acting. Kajol did not bring anything new in her acting but again it does not mean she was bad. Big B in Paa, Rani in Black and Hrithik in Koi Mil Gaya were far more convincing when we consider people challenged physically or psychologically. The songs were great though. The Film will be a Blockbuster no doubt becoz of the SRK power but being Blockbusters is not equal to the best movies. MayB the hype and love for SRK will make people love the movie but after watching it again after some months I doubt whether they will have the same opinion. From Mauritius, where the theatre was abt 30% full only. Probably will pick up during the weekend.