0.5 Poor

Mission Istaanbul

The idea is there, the story line is there, the direction is pretty good too...then why does this movie fail to make an impact? any impact.

Not a convincing story? Maybe with a stronger presentation - a better screenplay as well as more realistic characterization the film would be more engaging. Mixing reality with fiction is not an easy job, and being a Da Vinci... needs one to have a solid grip on the story - from the start and right till the end.

The talented Mr. Oberoi, seems to be in dearth of good roles. Zayed is trying to find his foot, his positioning in the market but am not sure if he fits well along side Suniel shetty and Vivek oberoi. In this movie too, he seems like he's walking along boys bigger than him and fights yet bigger boys, not convincing enough.

The movie starts off without building Zayed's character. We are expected to belive when the story suggests that Zayed is among the big boys. Other than Zayed's physique, his step-up personality is probably his strongest positioning points. Comedy? nah! I think it will be quite sometime before we can laugh at Zayed's jokes. And taking him as a wonderkid at just face value, not quite possible too. The story teller needs to convince people about taking this guy seriously. Seriously, I mean it :)

Suniel Shetty was there for a little while, wonder what he was doing in that negligible screen space. Vivek Oberoi some how has that confidence and charm, that suggests bigger things for him - I wish him luck - his past movies - especially Company has left a great impression.

Screenplay lacked in several respects. Consider Zayed calling his wife, while in middle of Live Telecast as well as Important Tele-interviews and things like a terrorist organization which is supposedly very dangerous having a malfunctioned elevator leading to their most secretive location. A couple of people broke in easily on the "13th floor". The thrill of 13th floor's secret was wrapped up in a couple of minutes.

One could easily miss this movie. It falls in almost none of the genres...or maybe I'm forgetting some. It's not a fun watch...where you can get away with anything..as long as someone's laughing. Nor is it totally an action packed sequel, 'cause the action comes in pieces. Nor is it reality oriented. I'm not sure, who can I suggest to find time for this one :(

Mission Istanbul? You may want to abort this mission.