4.5 Excellent

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (English)

This action-spy franchise follows the trend of Fast and Furious, to be more specific in terms of its smart and thrilling screenplay that keeps improving from one installment to another. Director Christopher McQuarrie has another amazing team up with Tom Cruise after Edge of Tomorrow, not only delivering an exciting thriller well balanced by suspense, actions and humors at the right moment, but also the fun, shrewd and metaphorical dialogues throughout the entire film. The well structured plot helps a lot in full character developments of all the cast while the chemistry between Cruise and Ferguson is excellent which enables the audiences to feel the interpersonal engagement and teamwork spirit in completing the impossible mission. Joe Kraemer does well in composing the scores by mixing the MI theme into different style of musics while the action sequences are captured in great cinematography angle and in a variety of shootings, hand combats and vehicles chasing. The twisting at climax and the surprising way to end the fate of the impossible villain are presented at a perfect pacing, leading this installment as the bridge connection to potentially expand further and deeper.