5 Excellent

They don't make these kinda movies these days, sweet, romantic, living small moments. We either sprinkle honey singh or badshah everywhere or engulf ourselves into the pseudo intellectual arena. nMeri Pyari Bindu is a gentle reminder of the Bollywood that we grew up with, the kind of romances which spelled L O V E and not 'AAj raat ka scene bana de'. nThis movie does not have the script of Dangal or the storytelling of Masaan. Neither does it have any unnecessary baggage of junk garbage 'Every bolly film must haves'.nRather,this movie is very relatable to the small moments of romance, one sided romance, thought out surprises that we all have done for our partners. nnot any social message nor mindless comedy, neither a 1000cr mythological action, this movie leaves you with oozes of nostalgia, more if you belong to the city of soul Kolkata, that unnamed charm, the pleasant warmth, that relentless smile.nJob well done, Akshay Roy.nA 4/5 from a Bangali, Maybe a 3.8 for the rest of the countrymen.