5 Excellent

Manjhi The Mountain Man

"Manjhi - The Mountain Man"

Well I have never written any review for any movie till date, however I couldn’t stop myself from writing about this movie after watching it.
Based on true story, this movie has something to teach us which has so much of inspiring messages for all of us.
The movie delivers an epic message through its story which says that “Nothing is Impossible in this world if you have that will, that determination.”
Dashrath Manjhi(Played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui),a man from Gehlore,a small village in Bihar, belonging to a lower caste as per this so called “society” has this guts to carve a path from the mountains all alone with just a chisel.
It took him 22 long years to do so, but one thing which had trapped his mind was the thought of never giving up.
This story had every element in it. Love, sacrifice, patience, dedication and lots of tragedy.
The motivation behind his decision of breaking the mountains was the death of his beloved wife Phaguniya(played by Radhika Apte)whom he couldn’t save after she fell down from the mountains.In this anger of revenge of her death, he decided to break the mountain’s ego by breaking it gradually and eventually carving a path out of it.
Everytime Manjhi’s patience would give up, his love for Phaguniya held him strongly to not give up.
It took him 22 years and finally his determination and his hard work forced everyone to believe him.
A very influential dialogue from the movie “Bhagwan ke bharose nhi baithna chaiye..Kya pata Bhagwan humare bhaorse baitha ho.”(Meaning We should not wait for God to let something happen,who knows God may be waiting for us to make that happen”)

Mind-blowing performance by Mr.Siddiqui. I truly believe he is one of the finest actors this industry has given us.
Hats off to the performers and the Mountain Man who taught us so much.
It is truly inspiring and gives me a hope to live my life with strong will and determination and believing in that “Nothing is Impossible”.