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Manjhi The Mountain Man Music Review



You don't really expect a music album for Manjhi The Mountain Man. Considering the fact that this is a plot based film, at maximum you expect a few theme musical pieces. However, Ketan Mehta does bring in three songs and puts together an album with composers Sandesh Shandilya and Hitesh Sonik. He also contributes with the lyrics along with Deepak Ramola and Kumaar for a song apiece.


Since Manjhi is a film set in a village, it is not surprising when a rustic number begins the proceedings. Bhavin Shastri and Pawani Pandey come together for Deepak Ramola written 'Gehlore Ki Goriya' which is old school and belongs to the interiors of the country. Sandesh Shandilya does well to retain the ethnic appeal of the song and doesn't play around much with the Western instruments. Instead, he keeps the folk flavor of the song intact and gives an out and out 'desi' touch to this melodic number that should look good on screen.

Sandesh Shandilya ropes in Bhavin Shastri for the situational track 'O Rahi'. A number which is about a man fighting it out against all odds and taking on the task of achieving the impossible, this is written by Ketan Mehta who brings in the essence of his film's plotline into the song. Yet again, the rustic flavor, as was the case in 'Gehlore Ki Goriya' is kept intact, and you are transported into a world that majority would be unaware of. Also, the very fact that it is easy on ears makes you give this one a repeat hearing.

There is pace that is introduced in the proceedings with Divya Kumar bringing his infectious energy into act for 'Dum Kham'. Pretty much a continuation of 'O Rahi' where one can now expect the character played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui moving closer to his milestone with sheer will, focus and hard work, 'Dum Kham' is written by Kumaar who puts together some meaningful words in there. As for the sound, it goes well with the overall flavor of Manjhi as composer Hitesh Sonik doesn't deviate from the core theme of the film.


Each of the three songs in Manjhi promises to go well with the film's narrative. However, the offbeat nature of the film as well as music would restrict the visibility and the revenue generated from the digital sales.


'Gehlore Ki Goriya', 'O Rahi', 'Dum Kham'

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