5 Excellent

Love Story 2050

This is a milestone movie in the history of bollywood. Never ever has there been a eulogistic combination of a scientifically bent mind with a romantically involved heart. The best part is the point where the director ( one of the prodiges that we have, Harry Baweja) shows an alien to have willingly a butter Naan and aloo mutter when priyanka the heroine explains the alien the advantages of being a vegetarian. After that the compassion shown by the hero, the ubiquitious Harman, by offering the alien a packet of ENO when he has acidity after eating that Naan. Also the pain of the alien is shown very precisely in the movie. There is a total amalgamation of alienetic romance between an alien and two earthlings in a time which we never will hear of. This triangle is better than Bermuda triangle. Also the fourth dimension, time, is well taken care of.