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Love Story 2050

Before Jaane Tu began publicizing, the movie (l.s2050) looked promising. An attempt of difference to introduce sci-fi into hindi flicks and give another star to bollywood. But then Jaane Tu started, somehow we the people have an instinct for movies,and I felt from that time itself that Jaane Tu had a better story.
And as the countdown began, you could easily notice that l.s2050 had no base.
A movie is a move after all...when I go for bollywood I would want a film with either a story or enough sugar coating(other stuff) to give me a paisa vasool.
Sadly Lovestory 2050 is none, maybe a sci-fi progress but its not a film, bad script, acting,MUSIC,harman-find urself..
Sorry mates! go check out Jaane Tu and if you dont get a ticket wait home..!!