3.5 Very Good

Love Sex Aur Dhokha

Love,Sex Aur Dhokha is not a film which you get to watch every Friday.Its not a formula film either. Its more of an experiment.It defies all the standards of making a conventional masala film.Its definitely a masala film but the masala, this time round,is completely different from what you have ever tasted.But whatever it is, you cant deny the fact that this is what is happening around all of us.Its got 3 stories intertwined in one package. All the stories are interconnected.
STORY 1: Rahul, a student in a film institute is making a film for his diploma.Shruti is his leading lady in the film.Time progresses and they fall in love and eventually get married.Thats when the story takes the real turn.
STORY 2: Adarsh works in a departmental store. He is in a heavy debt and is trying to find ways to come out of it.A friend of his suggests making an MMS. He consents and chooses a girl working in the same store, Rashmi.They become friends and then......
STORY 3: Prabhat is a journalist with the most imperfect life imaginable.His wife has seperated from him along with their child.The editor of the news channel he works for says he is a loser.He tries to commit suicide but ends up meeting Naina. Together they plan a sting of Loki Local who is a pop star.But then things turn around.