4 Very Good

This movie would have been one of the best of this year if it wasnt for certain weak script points and the horrid music except for Man Ko Ati Bhavey -- it is just so bad. Compared to a movie where music is just as important -- we can look at Rock On and SEL did a wonderful job there but here in this movie these rock songs sound so dull, extremely boring -- Anyways the acting in the movie done by Salman and Ajay is really worth watching esp. Ajay whom i consider one of the best bollywood has to offer --- Asin is nice but really there wasnt much of a chance for her to show off her talent -- also extra kudos for the other members for the band - usually we have these unbearable actors playing those types of roles but it was nice to see fresh faces and decent acting.

Now for the plot of the movie without spoiling it for anyone -- its a typical childhood friends - success - revenge story but it was nice to see it in the atmosphere present in london dreams -- i would definitely prefer people to go and see this -- but seriously dnt expect too much -- i wudve gave this more of a 3or 3.5 but Salman is been doing so well lately i need to give his movie a 4.

Im just "Being Human"... 8)