5 Excellent

This album has a very nice sufi feel to it - which comes to no surprise thanks to Salim-Sulaiman.

Ali Maula, is a beautiful composition sung by Salim Merchant -- its his voice that provides the listener to a religious feel -- similar to Maula Maula from Delhi 6. The remix is nice but it doesnt have the same feel as the original.

Dua and Rasiya are just decent songs with nothing quite special. If you are fans of Sukhwinder, Kailash K. or like me of (Shruti Pathak) then you'll find something to like about one of these two songs.

Kurbaan Hua and Shukran Allah are the best songs of the album in my opinion. Kurbaan Hua brings a perfect feel of rock and sufi accompanied by Vishal Dadlani's voice. It sounds just like a SEL song but its a nice rendition by Salim-Sulaiman. Shukran Allah is just a beautiful song from every point of view -- just appreciate it for what it is. All i have to say - this year its return of Sonu Nigam -- first Don't say Alvida now this -- Good luck to him.

Overall this album from a normal standpoint is decent maybe like a 8.5-9/10.

But I'm a big Sufi fan and a big fan of Salim Sulaiman songs -- im going to give it a perfect 10 and will add these to my playlist.

Final Score: 10/10