1.5 Average


What is wrong with Anurag Basu? He is one of those people who think there can be no love story unless both lovers die in the end! One Shakespeare is enough for the romantic world. I hate that man. Yes, one thing I agree with that lovers who unite in death are never apart. But hey guys this is real world. Lovers are torn apart everyday for many reasons. At Least let us watch them live happily ever after on screen!!! Why does anurag basu think that only a great tragedy makes a great love story???? Wrong!!! True, it was very romantic to see the two souls meet under water. It’s also true that the feelings of sadness, pain and grief are far stronger than joy. It goes deeper into your heart and stays there longer. So maybe a love story should have a tragic ending for the viewer to be touched by it. But if you equate love with tragedy then why will anyone want to fall in love?

And Kites! Both of them fall in love for no reason and die for no reason. Okay so maybe its makes a romantic sort of sens to fall in love for no reason but why did the heroine commit suicide? The hero dies because she killed herself. Romeo and Juliet all over again!!!

One thing though! Anurag basu did show the part where all Hindi films end- at the happily married part! So our lovers got what all of them want - they got married. Also, they died together. Both important elements of a love story. But it would be better if there was a bitter sweet life between these two events. I know what all you great romantics have to say. It makes the story more special if they die and then meet after death to be together till eternity. And if they live after getting married they'll probably irritate the hell out of each other and run away in opposite directions. So better kill them before that happens.

Well, whatever. But I prefer to come out from the theatre, smiling than barely containing my tears. One tragic love story in a while is okay just to feel the passion of lovers, the strength of love and the bonding in death. But at all the other times I would like to think and hope that I'll love and be loved with the same passion but will also get to spend a lifetime, facing the ups and downs of life, together.

Sorry Anuraag Basu. I just didn't like your film.