4.5 Excellent


First of all movie is to good.but when i had read the review about the movie specially public review . i thought movie would not be so interesting but now after watching this dam good movie.here i m to give me review about this movie.here i am disgree with those people who said movie is based on old hindi movie stories or story line is weak.now i m going to write the new aspect of this movie
1.two different kinds of people fall in luv who can,t speak each others lunguages.
2.It based on some realistic aspect that it is not neccessary v always get whom v luv.
3. ending of the movie is so powerful. when one person scarify her luv to save the life of her luv..
I knew why people didn,t like the movie.because ending of the movie is so sad.its not like other hindi movies.where there is always happiness in the end of movie.this movie kite is different kind of movie. i realy like it.