2 Average

How I wish this film was as good as it looked in the trailers! Seriously, the scenes that you must have seen on television are the best. Just forget about the rest! All style, no substance.

Where do I start from? Its about Shahid whose kismet just takes him downhill, untill he meets Vidya. And thats where the konnections start and Shahid's kismet begins to shine. Obviously, there is a backdrop between this- Vidya's fiance having flings, Shahid double crossing Vidya, blah blah blah!

All said and done, there is just no konnection between these stars. Its just falls flat! Shahid acts like this film will take him where Jab We Met took Kareena. His character is on the same lines. However, he falls flat on his face! As for Vidya, a perfect example of going from bad to worse. Juhi is a complete misfit! As much as I wanted to like her, I couldnt! Om Puri is wasted, Himani is effective. As for Manoj [his debut film] it was more of a special appearance. Vishal as Shahid's friend is sweet at times and irritating at times.

All said and done, I expected a lot from this young and fresh film. However, it turned out to be stale as yesterdays vegetables. I just didnt konnect with the film. It was a WRONG KONNECTION!