2 Average


Kidnap has created a buzz for several reasons. Imraan Khan is back after his highly successful debut Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. The promos of Kidnap were sleek and stylish, Minissha Lamba in her all new sexy avatar and of course the bikini. A Sanjay Dutt movie after a long time is always something to look forward to. And lastly, the director is Sanjay Gadhvi, the man behind the super successful Dhoom movies. Drona was the only movie slated for an Eid release but with Kidnap being pre-poned, the movie has managed to steal all the limelight. But does it meet expectations?

Kidnap revolves mainly around two characters. One a man and the other a boy. Vikranth Raina (Sanjay Dutt) is one of the richest men in the world. He has a strained relationship with his wife and is living aboard seperately from the past several years. Sonia (Minissha Lamba) misses a father in her life and this often leads to arguements with her mom. On Christmas, Sonia is kidnapped by Kabir (Imraan Khan). The name of the kidnapper, the location and the reason is unknown!

Kidnap has the right ingredients for the audience that love masala flicks. A hot Minissha Lamba in skimpy clothes, an item number by Sophie Chaudhary in clothes which if reduced by little would leave nothing to the imagination, decent songs which are beautifully picturized, great action sequences. But its the script that lets the film down. The main motive behind the whole Kidnap, when revealed, is a complete turn off.

Kidnap suffers from a story thats hard to digest. Without giving the story away let me brief you on some of the scenes.

* There is a sensual bath with loads of cleavage under a waterfall, which reminds us of Zeenat Aman, all this while the girl is held in hostage!
* Vikrant Raina releases a crimininal locked up in jail. Raina manages to do so by burning down the jail kitchen and escaping in a fire brigader’s uniform.
* In a chase sequence, Vikrant is in pursuit of Kabir who climbs buildings like a hero straight out of a superhero film. Vikrant is no less, he gives Kabir a good chase performing those unbelievable stunts.
* Dont you think its a tad bit unrealistic for the visibly unfit father of a grown up daughter to be so athletic? Also, at times you can clearly notice the body double. Mind you, the exact same chase is one of the highlights of the movie and has been shot well.
* The climax during the New Year eve too is very unrealistic. Not a single soul notices the gun in the Ice box nor while Vikrant pulls the trigger!

The chemistry between Imraan and Minissha is poor. Minissha infact shares a better chemistry with Sanjay Dutt in those limited scenes they share.

Sanjay Dutt sleep walks through his role. Imran Khan needs to work on his dialogue delivery. He’s fine in his much looked forward-to negative role. Minissha Lamba manages to distract with ample cleavage show, with limited scope for histrionics she does well. Vidya Malvade doesn’t suit her role.

Overall, Kidnap disappoints. If well-performed action sequences, skin show in abundance and great locales is what you wish to see, Kidnap is worth a watch. Else, wait for the DVD. At the boxoffice, the hype due to several reasons mentioned above, would ensure a good opening. The lower budget (20 crores) compared to most biggies and good opening could result in the cost being recovered by the end of Week 1.
In boxoffice this movie is flop.