3.5 Very Good

Khatta Meetha

Movie: It came under comedy category but it really is based on social issues that is existing in India itself. Movie is a true picture of India in recent times and it has done well. It has conveyed its message very clear but the show part of the movie was poor. The Great example of corrution in recent times are rite now going on in Delhi, when Common Wealth Games venues were suppose to be ready and well made but it is running way behind its schedule and very poorly work done. It is because the money that were suppose to put into is in the pocket of politician and contractors. These people should get highest punishment possible because they won't even leave their family members when it comes to money. Shame on Them. Well over all movie is great and i will give it a ***1/2 (3 and 1/2 star just because it brings the true picture of India).