1.5 Average

Karthik Calling Karthik

A patchy script awfully written with deep a flawed in the narrative this is how you sum up KCK. The script isn't good, the idea of the script is good but the way it is written is poor. The characters are not given enough scope and tbh- most are not even given enough screen time.
The narrative is predictable and only the last 3 minutes of the movie you find out why Karthik is getting these calls- a terrible climax.
Actors wise- Farhan hasn't really made any significant strides in his acting- his voice is very one dimensional and not appealing however his scenes towards the end of the movie are good. Deepika isn't given enough scope and in the parts where she is in she's okay. Shefali Shah plays her part well and Ram Kapoor is passable.
Overall KCK is a patchy affair, with a half baked narrative and no message or clear idea of the movie sets out to achieve. The script is like a dodgy first draft that needs to be edited a million times.
With great regret this movie that I for one have been looking forward to is a true disappointment and I found boring....

*1/2 is what I am going to give this movie