1.5 Average

Kal Kissne Dekha

WANNA SEE THIS MOVIE???? keep ur brains in the reserve bank of india locker so tat it cant be used by u and u can try to understand what actually they want to show in this movie.Dnt knw who the fashion designer was of the actress, tried to make her look good bt there were dresses which made me think tat the designer has brought from her home a bed-sheet n made the actress wear tat.coming to the main point movie s good in the starting with some normal comedy stuffs bt later on as it takes the track it slips down immediately.the movie has more songs comparing dialouges,for every single moment they need song wich increases movie length undoubtedly without any need.Script is good bt songs,special effects and unbeliveable stunts made it totally mindless.in a nutshell i dnt find this movie paisa vasool, comparing one can again watch ANGELS & DEMONS.