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Kaagaz Ke Fools Music Review



The film has come as a surprise. In the making for many years now, Kaagaz Ke Fools is releasing without practically any promotion this Friday. The music release too has been ad-hoc to say the least. No wonder, all one does is wait for a surprise or two in this Sangeeta Pant composed soundtrack that has just three songs. The lady writes a couple of songs with Ravi Basnet pitching in with one track as well.


The moment 'Lafda Pai Gaya' begins, you are instantly reminded of 'Chak De Phattey' from Khosla Ka Ghosla. Though Tochi Raina tries to pep up the scene in this Sangeeta Pant composed and written number, there is a strong sense of deja vu that engulfs. The inclusion of English rap somewhere in the proceedings sounds like a distraction. However, even if one chooses to let it go, there isn't much about this four and a half minute piece that makes you feel strongly about revisiting it. By the time some Punjabi conversations around 'Lafda Pai Gaya' emerge in the middle of the song, you just want to move on to the next.

Other than being a composer and lyricist, Sangeeta Pant brings herself on board as a singer too with 'Nasha'. A song of seduction composed in a 50s-60s style, this one is an ordinary track too that doesn't hold much weight. As a matter of fact it sounds rather dull for a seductive outing and though the usual play (light beats, saxophone etc.) is in place, the overall outcome is hardly inviting.

Last to arrive is 'Sharari Rampaa' which is a mere 150 seconds odd piece and has Shaan and Sangeeta Pant coming together for a Ravi Basnet written piece. Yet another uninspiring piece which is supposed to be created for a romantic situation, it is a run of the mill outing that finally brings Kaagaz Ke Phools to a conclusion.


One didn't have many expectations from the music here and the end result doesn't end up surprising you in any way either.



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