3 Good

Jurassic World (English)

It was cool and fun to watch Jurassic World, yet it didn't deliver what I was expecting. I don't want to jump to hasty conclusions, the movie was good, above good, and it has some mesmerizing very well-made sequences, and amazing action, but it lacked something... a spirit maybe.

Yes, its very heavy on the nostalgia, and yes there are moments that will bring tears to your eyes if you are a die-hard fan, also it's full of Easter eggs, but the awe and wonder was not enough. Some said that Jurassic World is the best sequel since the original, maybe it tops "The Lost world" at some parts, but The Lost World has more strength points over it. If you are expecting it to be more then a generic creature film, I think then it is not the one for you.

I actually don't know how to feel, and the funny thing is that all the issues I worried about, turned to be the best stuff in the movie. The I. rex, the semi-friendly raptors, the Apatasaurus head. They even threw a line that explains the scientific inaccuracies in the dinosaurs, now everything is acceptable within the universe. On the other hand, the story had it's corny parts, and It lacked depth, there wasn't any kind of scientific debate as the first 2 movies, nothing at all.

The CGI was beyond awesome, settle down all your fears, It's perfect, and works very well on the big screen. Only at 1 or 2 moments you may feel that it's a little off. The T. rex, oddly and unfortunately, she was the least impressive CGI in the movie, along with the Ankylosaurus.

The animatronic shot was brilliant, I wonder why they didn't use more animatronics, as from what I've seen they seems to have improved vastly over the years. There were many close-ups here, especially for the raptors, that animatronics would have worked perfectly for, but they didn't went with that option.

It will take more than one viewing to really see everything in this imagined little world they have created. The park is open, and yes, the park is awesome, but I think it will take some consideration to fully endorse it.

Maybe the long wait raised my expectations up to the sky, maybe this is why I'm a little disappointed... but the one thing I'm sure of, It's that Jurassic World doesn't get anywhere near to the level of Spielberg's original... long live Jurassic Park.