2.5 Good

Jurassic World (English)

Fine but predictable return to form for the Jurassic Park series finds John Hammond's dream for a "Jurassic Park" becoming a reality. However, in a way to have more people come back to the island, scientist's create a hybrid dinosaur as a new attraction. But, like every Jurassic Park film in the series, things don't go off as planed and all hell breaks loose in it's aftermath. Unlike the last 3 movies however, this film is made up of mostly new characters to hold off the Dinosaurs with the exception of a small side character from the Original Jurassic Park film played by BD Wong, who to be quite honest is only there to somehow fulfill continuity from The first film to the new one. It would have made more sense to bring in some of the original leads to bridge the whole series together but that seems to be asking too much. The new characters starting with lead Chris Pratt are fine but underwritten and cliché. Pratt's character and performance is really the only bright spot of the new cast of characters but he lacks the cool sarcastic wit and intelligence of Jeff Goldblum's Ian Malcolm and The everyman appeal of Sam Neill's Dr Alan Grant. Pratt however brings his own warm, comic sensibility that does make him endearing in his own right but unlike Goldblum and Neill who brought dramatic tension to the films, Pratt gets overshadowed by the dinosaurs once the bloody carnage begins. Bryce Dallas Howard is decent but unremarkable in the uptight corporate woman with no life role and Vincent D'Onofrio is OK as the resident head of security of the park. Of course, there are two kids who plays the nephews of Howard's character who are put in the middle of the action one it begins, leading to a predictable climax that while is full of thrills, could have been seen a mile a away.

The Dinosaur effects in this film are probably the best in the series so far and while there are moments of Obvious CGI, it really does not distract from how far effects have come over the years from the first film to this one. In terms of dino carnage, this film comes in a little behind The Lost World in that department but not by much. The body count is higher here than in any of the other films in the series but lacks the tension and showmanship that Jurassic Park and The Lost World had in spades. It's however head shoulders above what Jurassic Park 3 had in those departments. Not to mention the fact that while the script for Jurassic World is fairly predictable, it does not overstay it's welcome. Unlike the underwritten Jurassic Park 3 with its very unlikeable characters.

Jurassic World is a fine addition to the Jurassic Park series. While its pretty predicable and not as good or as tension filled as the first two films of the series, it's a vast improvement over the disappointing 3rd film. However, if there should be a fifth film, they need to go beyond the new monster of the week and come up with a better script to justify this series continuing for another film.