5 Excellent

Jodhaa Akbar

I am an Afghan and a big fan of indian movies. I am used to watching 3 hours+ movies, but I was very nervous last night when I took three American friends with me to watch Jodha Akbar. For a couple of them it was their first indian movie. But we all loved it!!
An absolutely stunning movie, the best i have seen since Devdas! Acting, cinematography, and music was just incredible!

Personally, I do not like Hrithik Roshan. But he was wonderful in in Jodha Akbar, absolutely wonderful. Being more of an action hero, he carried the weight of an emperor like Akbar very well! two thumps up for his brilliant performance!

I can not stop listening to the music of Jodha Akbar. Honestly, I have probably listened to "Khawaja meri Khwaja" and "In lamhoon ke daman mei" over a hundred times in the past week. I am getting to like the other two songs as well. Just gorgeous music that grows into you!