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What does one expect from the soundtrack of a Yash Raj film which launches an actor (Arjun Kapoor) who is perceived to be a star, is directed by the man (Habib Faisal) who has given two beautiful films (Band Baaja Baarat as a writer and Do Dooni Chaar as a director) and has music by one of the most experimental composers around (Amit Trivedi)? Something unique and different of course with good hopes that it would be entertaining as well. With an unusual choice of lyricist in the form of Kausar Munir, the soundtrack promises to be all the more intriguing.


One expects a boisterous beginning for 'Ishaqzaade', considering the fact that the promotion has conveyed that this isn't one of those quintessential mushy romantic films. However there is a surprise in store with the title track turning out to be soft and quite easy on ears with Javed Ali getting into the Sonu Nigam mode. With a good amalgamation of Sufi and 'desi' melody coming into picture, this one has a slight 70s touch to it as well which makes it all the more interesting. While the song stays on to be primarily Javed's, there is Shreya Ghoshal pitching in later in the day as well, hence adding further weight to the song.

Habib Faisal brings himself on as a guest lyricist for 'Chokra Jawaan', a song that gets album into the kind of mould that one had always expected it to be. 'Desi' to the core of it, street-smart and belonging to quintessential 'nok-jhok' genre, 'Chokra Jawaan' reminds one of the classic 'Nain Lad Jai Hain' from Dilip Kumar's Ganga Jamuna, albeit in today's avtar. No wonder, there are English words thrown in intermittently as well though the overall flavour stays on to be rough as well as over the top. Though it requires one to listen 'Chokra Jawaan' a few times before getting a clear grasp of the proceedings, it is sheer display of energy by Vishal Dadlani and Sunidhi Chauhan that ensures that the song plays in your mind long after it is through.

Highlight of the album though is 'Pareshan' which, instead of making you go 'pareshan', ends up entertaining you. This is one song where Kausar Munir really comes on his own and spins lyrics in an unheard of manner. A love song with a difference which is set in a soft rock mode with a good fusion of Indian melody, 'Pareshan' is a terrific number that should turn out to be further popular after the film's release. Sung quite well by new-find Shalmali Kholgade who creates similar magic that Shilpa Rao had managed in her initial outings, 'Pareshan' finds a deserving 'remix' version for itself that is given an altogether different feel, hence allowing it to find a comfortable entry into the DJ's favourites.

Meanwhile Shreya Ghoshal manages to take 'Jhallah Wallah' to a level where 'Dil Mera Muft Ka' [Agent Vinod] couldn't reach. One waits to see whether this one turns out to be a 'mujra', item number or a regular 'mauj-masti' song but one thing is for sure that if this song is picturised and choreographed well, it has in it to cover a great distance. A lot of emphasis has not just been put on the lyrics here but also the way Shreya sings this one. Yet again there are a quite a few English words interspersed here in this song (also appearing in the 'remix version') which is sheer fun and is all set to be widely popular in days to come.

The album reaches further high with 'Aafton Ke Parindey' wrapping it up well. Vociferous, boisterous and highly energetic, this is the kind of song that comes out of intense jamming sessions and is clearly a composer's mandate more than anyone else. One can clearly sense that Amit Trivedi must have gone totally all out to create something that he was longing for and with an opportunity coming his way; he appears to have freaked out in a major way. Suraj Jagan is the man of the moment here and though he comes as a cross between Sukhwinder Singh and Vishal Dadlani here, he does well along with Divya Kumar to go as per Amit's vision.


Amit Trivedi comes up with yet another fantastic score and breaks the existing norms while further consolidating his own identity into the musical scene. Doing consistently well over the years, he hits the right notes with Ishaqzaade as well where the most significant aspect of his compositions is the fact that it bears his stamp more than anyone else. With Kausar Munir's lyrics further setting the stage for him, he comes up with a soundtrack which may surprise listeners to begin with (due to its unusual flavour) but should eventually find acceptance in due course of time.


Aafton Ke Parindey, Jhalla Wallah, Pareshaan

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