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Making a suspense thriller has always been an arduous task. Not only do the makers have to make sure that once the beans are spilled, the fizz doesn't die down, but also have to look minutely into details and logic as a genre like this involves reasoning, proofs and investigations.

In the case of INTEHA, the first aspect [detailing] is taken care of, considering the identity of the murderer is revealed in the first half itself, but as far as the second aspect [logic] is concerned, the film has a few threads hanging loose and coupled with a drab screenplay and predictable twists and turn, not to mention the climax, INTEHA, directed by Vikram Bhatt, tests the inteha of your patience.

The film revolves around three principle characters, Nauheed Cyrusi [Tina], a spoilt brat, Vidya Mallavde [Nandini], Nauheed's elder step-sister and Ashmit Patel [Ranbir], who plans to build a 7-star hotel at the hill station.

Nauheed dislikes Vidya and can't stand her for even a minute, though Vidya has given up all, including her lover [Anup Soni], to live and look after her step-sister and fulfil the promise given to their dying father.

As their differences only get wider, enters Ashmit.

Nauheed and Ashmit connect instantly. Even the initial resentment of Vidya is short-lived and she accepts their friendship, but is worried about their getting married without checking the boy's credentials thoroughly. Vidya requests Ashmit not to see her sister henceforth, but the two only get closer.

Now the twist!

Ashmit's past surfaces one night. The man, who knows Ashmit's modus operandi, threatens to spill the beans and tell the world about him and unveil his dubious past. But the next evening, he is killed. Vidya grows more suspicious�

The rest of the story revolves around the three characters pursuing their goals. Who succeeds in the end, isn't difficult to guess.

The initial reels of INTEHA are intriguing. The mystery concerning Ashmit's identity keeps you glued to the screen. The concept is promising, but a cohesive screenplay � the turn of events � was the need of the hour. Writer Mahesh Bhatt goofs up yet again!

However, director Vikram Bhatt's efforts have to be lauded for extracting good performances from a comparatively new cast. Unfortunately, that's the only department he really scores in, for the treatment of the story is as lifeless as the screenplay.

Even the characterisation isn't convincing. As soon as Ashmit enters the scene, the film deviates into an illogical zone. The two [Nauheed and Ashmit] get on instantly, without any visible qualities or reasons available.

Ashmit's look in the entire film suggests he is a passionate lover, but turns out to be a shrewd operator who executes everything with perfect plan and precision. Then why doesn't he behave like one, considering he gives enough hints to Vidya, raising a question mark on his character. Even the climax is anything but convincing.

Besides a faulty script, Anu Malik's musical score does precious little to elevate matters. The tunes sound the same all through. Moreover, most songs pop up at regular intervals, whether needed or not.

Dialogues [Girish Dhamija] are a mixed bag, at places good, at most times oft-repeated. Cinematography [Pravin Bhatt] is eye-catching and compliments the genre perfectly.

Debutante Ashmit Patel is fair. Also, the actor needs to work hard on his looks and overall appearance. He ought to remember that he is acting in commercial cinema and offbeat looks, minus make-up appearance [or is the make-up bad?] and an unshaven and untidy look are rejected outright here.

Nauheed Cyrusi is slightly better than her debut venture SUPARI, but that's not saying much. It is Vidya Mallavde who is most convincing. Even though it is difficult to believe someone sacrificing so much for her step-sister, her efforts on the screen are completely believable. An actress to watch, given the right roles!

On the whole, INTEHA has more minuses than plusses. At the box-office, due to tough competition with other films in its week of release and no hype or publicity to back it up, INTEHA will find it difficult to survive. Below average.

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