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Revenge of the Rowdy Reviewer – Himmatwala

Avoid ( HM English), Noda Baydi ( Shuddha Kannada), Paka Venda ( Tamil) , Baghu Naka ( Aamchi Marathi) , Dekho Mat ( Rashtra Bhasha) , Palo Nakka ( Konkani), n'observez pas ( French)

These should be enough indication of my views on this movie.

Taki oh Taki , oh Taki Taki Taki Re
Jab se main movie dekhe ke aaie
Sajid Ne aise mari, picture ki maa ki
Ab kya rehagaya baaki

Sajid , Paresh Rawal , Farah , Ajay Devgun – This is a Public Interest Message- Pls retire

After watching movies like Housefull 2 , OMG and Bol Bachhan, you will notice that the actors are
Underutilized. Paresh Rawal and Mahesh Manjrekar are made to act like buffoons and sad versions of
Kader Khan.
The actor talking to the Camera was done a long time back by Kader Khan and Sajid Khan should have better sense to use that.
Humor is weak, Original songs are just bearable with these new voices and the new additions of songs will put a singer to shame.
The music is LOUD ( I could have spelt it in some other way and conveyed my feelings but that would have been below the belt) and garish.
The opening song reminds you of the Swedish group ABBA but Sonakshi adds some glamour to the otherwise sad female presence on screen. Tamanna is OK and in one scene looks like a character from Star Trek – Captain Kirk’s team member.
Varun Bhat had a good observation . He opined that “ The item songs had 5 item girls and they have tried to make it Pritam Pyaare song from Rowdy Rathore”. Mera Laal Kahan Tha Tu itne saalon se 
Not sure why 1 Hindi song has 5 other languages in it. 5 Ladies gyrating to lyrics in their mother tongue is Sad, Bad, Mad.
Dara singh Amar raho. Good thing he became DEMAT. Vindoo Dara Singh is acting like a retarded person and among his Big teeth, the face had a difficulty coming out.
Zarina Wahab cuts a sorry figure and looks like the new age Nirupa Roy.
Asrani is acting the same way as he was in Sholay and is now stereotype.
The action defies logic and dialogues defy sense.
Original Songs with Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar were absolutely brilliant and though Jeetendra’s aerobic exercises were construed like a dance step, Ajay Devgun trying the same thing was absolutely pathetic.
In one scene, the Sister ( she is as sister looking and acting as it can get in Bollywood)has just got her Left sleeve torn by the villain that the Bhai comes on screen.
The Tiger has a great role to play and his dialogues were most pertinent to the movie. Growl, Growl , Roar, Roar. These were brilliantly written by Sajid and farah Khan in Tigerine language.
The movie is an absolute waste of movie and it did not help by having a nut case next to me , who asked at the ticket counter – “Picture Kasa Ahay”. I had to politely point out that I had also purchased the ticket just 1 micro second before him and will let him know when the movie ends.
After watching this movie, I truly felt like a Himmatwala and less like a Dimag wala.