0.5 Poor

It is the Worst film ever of Ajay Devgan I have ever seen...Sajid Khan calls himself A Entertainer....But I think he can Entertain us only when he is allowed to make a Multi-Multi Starer not without it ..you see..In Hey Baby he started with 4 to 5 main actors then In Housefull 6 to 7 actors ...after that Housefull 2 , 12 to 13 main actors to carry the burden of his "SO" called entertainer script....now he tried something different a solo hero Himmatwala...I bet ...you can't sit through the entire film...!! Please do not go and waste your money and time....watching trailers of Himmatwala at home for free is a better options because there is nothing else left in the movie if you see all the 3-4 different trailers and couple of its songs...This film will run and earn in first initial week as people will go to see a Ajay Devgan's Action film but return home very disappointed...will surely not enter in 100 Cr club ..Which Sajid promised to everybody on basis of his earlier success....will be A Eyeopener for him and bring his feet back on ground....!