4.5 Excellent


m still wondering as how come kidnap has been rated above 2..the editor must be a great fan of shah rukh..must be dilikes salman.the song hello is rocking everywhere..the problem with the indiafm is simple,they dont know how to rate..last few weeks back they had given 1.5 for ROCKON..what happened?the album is top on the charts..forget about other websites..checkout india fms music list.rockn on is top..n in the MINUSES column,its NONE.how come they changed?few weeks back they criticizes the very album.givin merely 1.5.how can they change now..??? as far as hello is concerned..all songs are good esp bang bang..this song is like rockstar with high Drums
Electric Guitars
Acoustic Guitars
..then how can the editor say they havent usd and it doesnt sound like rockstar??mitwa is simply soothing..carava is meant for ali.party mix is remixed well..sajid has done an amazing job..4.5...