4 Very Good

Hate Story 3

HATE STORY 3 REVIEW- LOL i was waiting for this movie for some other reasons i mean perverted mind. And all credit goes to freaking awesome vulgar drama Hate Story. That movie set a benchmark and almost became a franchise now days. Just like Hate Story 2 even Hate Story 3 created tremendous buzz before release cause we expect a movie like Hate Story again. Same with Hate Story 2 which was awaited because of being a sequel to Hate Story but movie was crap. That movie was totally censored and disappointed everyone including me. So i was thinking censor will strike again for Hate Story 3 and same happened. Nowdays Censor has became very strict for Adult movies. Not even allowing intimate scenes, abusing words but openly allowing abusing words in English. So If you are expecting vulgarity and some sexy scenes from Hate Story 3 then you will disappointed for sure. All hot scenes are there in songs only so you don't need to watch movie in theater for those scenes. Watch it on mobile or TV only. But surprisingly beyond this vulgarity n sexy things this movie comes out to be a sure shot winner because of its script. I repeat this time its Script which gonna impress everyone instead of vulgarity. My expectations was zero i was expecting a little bit better movie than crap Hate Story 2 and 1st half totally disappointed me. I was about to declare that my money gone wasted but then last 30 mins of movie blown me away. Till the interval i was like, its not at all Hate Story its an updated of 'Race'. The same brother hatred, revenge, money, girlfriend stuff was going on. After interval movie took pace and last 30-35 mins totally changed the scenario and movie ended on strong note. A msg come from movie is 'Sometimes Friend can be better than Brother'. I wont reveal anything about story cause its a thriller and revealing a story will spoil all the fun. Acting - The best performance came from Karan Singh Grover who came back strong here after debacle 'Alone'. He completely overtook everyone in the movie. He got good physics and looks but In some last scenes he proved his acting skills also. 2nd best performance was of Sharman Joshi. He is known as actor for all and he did what we expect from him. But in some scene he overacted, looked very loud and irritating. Zareen Khan looks hot but failed to impress with her performance. Same with Daisy Shah. Still quit good enough performance according to movie and their particular roles. Other supporting star cast were good enough too. Story - Certainly the best part of a movie is its writing. It was written smartly. Screenplay - As i said story was smartly written but screenplay wasn't enough smart to the level of story. Especially 1st half was totally dull. 2nd half was also dull but last 30 mins saved the film. Music - A good music album but nothing to remember. No emotional songs no theme songs. Party songs were irritating. Love songs were strictly average. Background was also bad. Direction - I don't know why director promoted movie as vulgar drama when he had strong story in hand. May be he was thinking to make movie a commercial success over appreciation. Movie was directed very well actually when it comes to watch it as a Thriller. The problem was he took too much time to set plot for freaking awesome climax. Nothing impressive but still, overall good direction. Final words - Certainly better than Hate Story 2 and almost to the level of Hate Story 1 if you keep vulgarity things and level beside. My request to everyone just forget Hate Story 1 2 and promos of this movie which promise to be vulgar drama and watch it as Fresh movie and i am sure you will like it as a Thriller. Go for it, enjoy. Indeed one time watch for all ages and all kind of audience. 7/10 stars by me.