5 Excellent


AMAZING is the word!

Saw the movie in Dubai. What a film!
The story, screen play, dialogues, cinematography, music, ensemble cast and above all the performance of Bacchan and Aishwarya!

Credit goes to the captain of the ship, Mr. Ratnam! Way to go! He ahs truly made a film that inspires you, moves you and entertains you..

I am planning to watch it again, there are way too many nuances that you tend to miss out on Mani's films in the first go, he waves in many subtle layers... After Rang De Basanti last January, this is yet another January gift for movie buffs.

I JUST HOPE IT CLICKS with the public so Mani Ratnam is encouraged to make teh movies that he believes in and give us more quality cinema in the years to come.

Aishwarya looks fabulous with her natural looks and has given a subtle performance.. I take back my words when I said earlier that she is pretty but can't act. She proves that she CAN, and HOW!!

Abhishek! Take a bow. You are the true star of the film! Others of your generation can learn a lesson or two from you. An award winning performance.

Madhavan and Vidya, in spite of your brief roles, you excelled.

Mithun, we are glad you made a strategic move to act in such a movie and not yet another B grade flick! You show us glimpses of what you are truly capable of!