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Golmaal 3

Review: Golmaal 3

There is a big emotional scene in this film which touches your heart and the scene is very well penned. But there is a long fight scene that doesn’t evoke and there is a big car chase scene that too doesn’t make a smart impact and there is also pedestrian love story directly ripped of from Mithun’s earlier films. There are old songs of him on which the director tries to make fun out of, but unfortunately they doesn’t bring laughs. The second half has stumbled a lot in the fight as well as car scenes and also a not so attractive climax. Apart from such hiccups this film has a comedy that comes in big amount. The jokes are continued for a long time and there are many such. The one-liners are funny in bits but the credit goes to the person speaking it. All the side characters doe it well except for Johnny because he irritates in some scenes. Kareena as tomboy enjoys herself and she lights up every scene. Arshad is brilliant and he is better than previous. Tushar is wonderful in mute especially in the emotional scene. Ajay has much to do but his character gets bit over the top. Kunal makes his presence feel. Shreyas is a fun man too. These performances leave this film to a level that shouldn’t have been without them. The story has very little to rely on. Screenplay is mostly about the fights between the two gangs. The fights between these two guys are very funny. Even when they tease, the dialogues are smartly written. There is much of loudness but it never goes over the plot. First half is engaging the second half dips down though there is a big funny sequence which is best amongst the lot. Overall, “Golmaal 3” is watch able for good music, fabulous comic moments and top notch performances. Needless to say if you want to enjoy, you must be awarded as best brainless guy.
Review: 3/5