4.5 Excellent


Ghajni is a awesome movie seen on a silver screen after a long time. The Film excells in production values with first rate cinematography. The Film contains quite tense moments with a dose of high octane violence and gore, but it does not repels the cine-goers as these elements form a basis in this revenge flick. The story line is not new but derived from some old films of the west and bollywood has produced many films on similar lines. However, the execution of subject is handled with utmost perfection that leaves a viewer spell-bound during the presentation at the cinema. The Film Ghajini showed Aamir Khan's one of his carriers' best performance with a eight pack abs which is a delight to watch.

This film could be stated at its best in terms of music, cinematography, action, music and sound effects. The debudant actress Asin is superb. The music is fantastic. A.R Rahman rocks. It is after a long time a bollywood actress touched our hearts. THE FILM IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ALL WHO WISH SEE A GOOD ACTION THRILLER WITH A DECENT ROMANCE FREE FROM VULGARITY OF ANY SORT.