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Four Pillars Of Basement Music Review



Honestly, there aren't many expectations here. While you do wonder what exactly does the title stand for, a quick look at the film's promo indicates that it is a suspense thriller about 'baat ek raat ki'. In a plot driven film like this, you wait to be surprised by composers Mudasir Ali & Anurag Mohn and lyricists Avinash Jaiswar, Pratyush Prakash and Shailey Bidwaiker - basically an all new team.


It isn't actually a bad start for Four Pillars Of Basement as the opening number 'Tu Hai Gajab Soniye' is a groovy dance number which is put together by Mudasir Ali and Avinash Jaiswar. Based on Western music, its start actually reminds you of 'Party With The Bhoothnath' in the way it is structured and stylized. Soon enough, Brijesh Shandilya and Deepadhrita Poddar come behind the mike for this song which actually turns out to be a title number too with Dj Czar chipping in. Since Bruna Abdullah features in this promotional number, you don't mind giving this one a dekko, albeit it lasts for a mere 150 odd second.

Next to arrive is a quintessential Bhatt song and the men who make this possible are Anurag Mohn, Pratyush Prakash and singer Javed Ali. For those who like their music to be conventional enough that fits into the Emraan Hashmi mode, they won't mind 'Udne Lagaa'. This one has words like 'aks', 'lamha' and 'aansoo' being heard at regular intervals, and though there isn't much innovation at play, the arrangements are such that it doesn't make you look the other way as overall the tune does turn out to be pleasant enough.

Composer Mudasir Ali takes it upon himself to play the singing part as well along with lyricist Shailey Bidwaiker, and together they croon 'Rehmo Karem'. Now this one actually turns out to be a slow moving boring number which not just sounds lazy but also heard before, hence making you wonder if the steam has been lost in the album pretty early in the day. In fact Mudasir does try to sound like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan but the impact is hardly there.

Later, the same team also handles 'Rooh Yeh Qaid Hai' which steps into the soft rock zone. Shailey does sound easy on ears but Mudasir could have roped in someone else as a singer instead of bringing himself back in. This time he gets into a Pakistani pop mode and the results aren't impressive, to say the least.


Though the music of Four Pillars Of Basement is largely forgettable, the title song 'Tu Hai Gajab Soniye' and 'Udne Lagaa' at least manage to keep your interest on while they play.


'Tu Hai Gajab Soniye', 'Udne Lagaa'

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