3 Good

FAN is Shah Rukh Khan's best performance till this date. His Aryan Khanna is Excellent but his Gaurav Chandana is far better. This is the SRK I grew up watching. He can't really top this one. Kudos to the VFX and the prosthetic team for the make up. Maneesh Sharma's direction was brilliant. The story is different. The dialogs are very very good. Habib Faisal has done a good job with the dialogs. The costumes are dope for Gaurav . The editing is crisp and the screenplay is Fantastic. The movie has no songs(That was a bummer) The cinematography was exceptional, great locations. Since, the movie is completely focused on Aryan and Gaurav, the supporting cast don't have much to do. It's good seeing a movies like this is being made. Something different.

It will be a great success at the Box Office as it's a best movie.

there is also Special Effects in the first Chase Sequence- You'll notice it.