3.5 Very Good

FAN watched it with none expectations and I was taken by storm , SRK is doing comic themed films since last 3 years all through I like that too in bits and pieces but this one is something else. His intensity as Gaurav and dialogue delivery is just awesome and as Aryan Khanna he justifies the persona of a Superstar as well. Its not difficult to play different roles but its very difficult to achieve what he Shah Rukh Khan has done in terms of personalities and their confrontation. FAN will always be remembered as a triumph of SRK over those who started saying his reign is ended. I do like his contemporaries but after this one I can say it for sure there is still no one near him and KING is still ruling.

Go watch FAN its a well made movie with world's first successful attempt to make someone younger through prosthetics and after all Shah Rukh Khan is world's biggest star so either way its a treat.

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