3 Good

The best performance of Khan is here. FAN is a film of what a personality of Shah Rukh's standards deserve and it does work well. Film touches emotions of everyone who admires anyone and at the end leaves out an impression that human emotions are more complex and worthy than fan emotions. Action, comedy, romance(not like in other SRK flicks), and the BGM. This one is what defines Bollywood to the world as a whole(entertainment with logic and emotions). Out of the box story with a decent screenplay carried with utmost crisp editing and action scenes. The specialty of the fan character is you smile when he smiles. You hate when he is so cruel with his look alike not at fault superstar. You feel sympathetic when you see Superstar but you want more of the fan. Just like when Batman beats the hell out of Superman in Dawn of Justice. To sum up things, this one is the Shah Rukh what we have seen growing. His acting is incomparable. Undoubtedly, a legendary performance.