3.5 Very Good

whatever you say in past few years about SRK performance and movie selection,this is answer to you all by SRK splendid performance in FAN.

Actually it has everything right from Script to Storyline,Locations to Action sequences,Acting performance to dialogue delivery. SRK in Gaurav role completely gave you feel like you are not actually watching a movie but to watch him next to his side.He completely tick all the boxes of Acting performance and made this Character as ionic.On the other side Aryan Khanna role as a Superstar actually performed equally well and in climax surprisingly it beats Gaurav also

Movie is actually Fantastic with Excellent First Half and Good Second half.Only one thing i actually not like its length,it should be 10 min short otherwise everyone do fantastic job from director to every Cast n crew.

At Last I would like to mention its BGM, its just unbelievable thanks to Andrea Guerra and Make up Artist Greg Cannom what a job he had done with Gaurav.

Do not miss this Super Thriller.Go n watch it.