3 Good

Saw the film today at 11 30 show with friends . The film could have been better but it's still so f**king good . Easily a 3.75/5 for me . Contrary to popular belief , I liked the 2nd half better . The film itself will evoke extreme reactions from everyone . The film acts on meta level too and it teaches to have your own identity instead of trying to become someone else . The ending will be controversial which might put some people off , though it was the right thing to show . I liked the superstar's part more than the fan's . In fact it might be possible that you will be rooting for the superstar at the end instead of the fan because when you see the film , you realise that Aryan Khanna actually didn't do anything wrong . He really wasn't at fault !

Whatever you think of the movie though , one thing no one can deny is that SRK absolutely bloody nails the acting part . Nobody will/can question his performance in this film . It's the finest performance yet this year and one of his all time best .

SRK as Gaurav - 4/5 (He goes a little overboard during the climax and some minor parts) SRK as Aryan Khanna - 10000/5 (He absolutely nails this one . Such a nuanced performance . I , along with many others were cheering for the superstar at the end ).

FAN on a whole is a different , unique , engaging and interesting take on the fanatics and the psychology of fans .