2.5 Good

Dus Kahaniyaan

The film directed by 6 different directors played by a lot of bollywood actors...
The good thing is its the combination of 10 short stories... which have nothing to do with each one...
The each is unique!
Its that work? Yes... in some. Some of the short stories... you will love it. Its better than the story of 2:30-3:00 hours.But some are so bad that you will think, why you are watching this film.

Matrimony (****)
The story will let you a great feel later... You are not expecting the climax... The grat twist!
But Its one of the best story of this film. Mandira Bedi and her extra marriage affaires... That belong to you the daily life reality which is happening now.
She's excellent. Arbaaz Khan is ok.

Sex on the Beach (**)
The bhoot story come back. This one, I found average.The sex story with a beauty... But who is actually the bhoot who seduct the men and take their life.
Dino is ok in his role. But Tareena is sexy... But crucial too.

Love Dale (***)
Neha, going to see her futur husband in other town met a lady who told her love story. She met her love a long time ago. Suddenly she down on the station and left her one earing in the hands of Neha.
Neha go out from train, search that lady... and met Aftab. Its a time of some hours. And the love is tide.
The story is good, which will easily attached with you ... in your Heart. Performences: Neha (excellent), Anupam Kher (First rate), Aftab (adorable) and Anooradha Singh (good).

This one is the best of this film. I really love this story. Which can face every one. Its about the hunger of love from your husband, the family and the society.
Manisha is going to be married. Amrita, her mom, and she's alone as her dad go for town for shopping for the marriage.
Manisha thought, her mother, still young, can be even wrong with her. She give her Chunari, churi to her mom.
The night come and the Amrita old lover is waiting outside, she can't control herself.
In this story, beautifully directed by Megna Gulzar,can see the best performences. Amrita Singh is the best while Manisha lamba is average as her role is small.

Stranger on the night(*)
The sex, sex and sex... and too dark. The sex secret after marriage, the story...
But their is the twist, but I can't Digest. Neha is sexy as Mahesh look so old.
Its one of the weakest stroy of this film.

High on the Highway (1/2)
Another disappointement. Jimmy and Masumeh, in their love, they are college students and living together...
They discover the freedom... the danger on the highway....
Jimmy should do other role as Masumeh too. Overall, disappointement!

Rise and Fall (**1/2)
The don, Sanjay, his relation with his brother, Sunil, and the chase. Everyone want the top position. People come and go and one chef profit of them.
The young boys from other town, in search of richess, kill the two brother. But the don never dead... They incarne in that two boys as they are named the same.
Sanjay is good as Sunil too. But not expecting this from this actors and director, Sanjay Gupta.

Rice Plate (***1/2)
Muslim hater Marathi wife and her time to share a rice plate with the mUslim guy as her hunger forced her.
Shabana express the best and she's excellent. Nasurdin Shah is good too. This one, scripting and edicting is good. dIRECTOR rOHIT rOY IS EXcellent.

Gubbare (***)
After arguing with her husband(rohit Roy) while travelling in the bus, she(Anita) met a man(Nana Patekar) who prepare to apologyzing his wife.The man love for his wife is extraordinary and they had a good conversation. When the man left the bus, he left the card. She followed her and found the man love for his dead wife.
Performances, Anita - excellent, Nana - extraordianry, and Rohit - average. Sanjay Gupta save the show here.

Zahir (*****)
Another best story of the film. The love and the health... the problem of lifes...
Dia met Manoj who is her new neighbour. He show his love for her.. but she refuse. He found her then in Bar as a dancer.
Manoj is superb, Dia is extraordinary. She stole the show. Sanjay gupta show his best here.

On the whole, its has Poornimashi, Zahir, Rice Plate, Gubbare, Matrimony and Love Dale which are really worth watching.
While Rise and Fall, Sex on the beach, Stranger on the night and High on the highway disappoint you.