5 Excellent

Dus Kahaniyaan

i wasn't excepting too much from it,but it proved me wrong.it's just class act 1st and 2nd cd goes to masses ,but in this also there is kala peela ana mushkil khusa and mass appealing bhula diya , bin tum,nachle, dus all super track..
but what made me write this review.the 3rd cd
i myself a poet and 1 of the biggest fan of gulzar,so it was just all i could ask for.
there is no one in whole world who can match up this man.gulzar saab only 4 u i m going to buy it,
thnx sanjay 4 giving it to us.
and gulzar saab you are my god of poetry.

i am not naming favourite song coz i like all poems,and those are my favorite.