0.5 Poor


Aditya is an orphan and he becomes Drona after wearing a Kada(a think bangle like bracelet) with magical powers. The evil Ris Raizada has to defeat Drona to take control of the whole world. But he can't find Drona's identity and where he dwells. By fate Aditya and Riz meet face to face. Riz came to know that Aditya is Drona after seing kada in his hand. Then the battle between Drona and Riz starts. Drona tries to save the world and his mother Queen Jayati Devi (Jaya Bachchan) with the help of Sonia.

The characters in the movie are poorly written. The songs are not good enough. Superhero Character doesn't fits Abishek not even in single frame and his body shape is the main the reason. No proper logic which makes audience to ask lots of questions and even put them in confusion state. It joins the category of worst movie. Only good think in the movie is its special effects.

Don't waste your time in watching this movie.