5 Excellent


Though I was not expecting too much from this Rohit Shetty directorial as I'm aware of Rohit's taste , but I ended up in a situation and mood like – "Expect the Unexpected". Take it in a positive whim . So let's see how Dilwale actually is !

After their last outing in Chennai Express, I kind of had an inkling of what Rohit Shetty and Shah Rukh Khan were going to offer in Dilwale. Just another typical run-of-the mill entertainer. While Chennai Express didn't leave me disappointed, it didn't leave me in awe either. But Dilwale still does manage to look a lot more appealing from the promos, songs and the trailer. And two and a half hours later, I came out completely satisfied. Each Penny was well spent!

Performances make the film imminently watchable. SRK, as Raj, does what he does best --- romances his leading lady with ease, beats the hell out of his rivals while playing the ideal brother to Varun. Of course, how can there be another Dilwale sans the leading lady of the original? Kajol, as effortlessly spontaneous as ever, has a relatively shorter role than what you would have expected. Varun Dhawan's comic timing will make you sit back and take note. Kriti Sanon does a reasonably good job of her role. The other members of the cast are all armed with funny scenes and dialogues. One of the best things about the film is that all the other characters are fleshed out to keep the comic element up. It may sound a little audacious but Rohit Shetty's favourite Sanjay Mishra, who plays a buyer of stolen goods, is even funnier than the amazing Johnny Lever. The comedy element in the film is its strength. With top notch performances from the likes of Varun Sharma, Boman Irani, Sanjay Mishra and Johnny Lever, you will definitely laugh out loud every time they are on screen. A special applause has to be reserved for them, as they lift up he film, the moment you feel it might lag.

The direction by Shetty is awesome, to put it simply. His vision and the scale of the film is insurmountable by any other entertainer in this genre. There are no compromises on budgets and it reflects on the film.

The music does justice to the ethos of the film. The songs are well- paced, except for Daayre, and contribute to strengthening the romantic quotient of the film. The background music is haunting and somehow reminded me of the Om Shanti Om theme. The soulful music is complemented by the breathtaking locales. The film is (obviously) set in Goa, Rohit Shetty's favourite destination, and Bulgaria. The latter, alongwith Iceland where the song Gerua is shot, gives you some awe-inspiring visuals on the big screen.

Moments make for great memories in a Rohit Shetty film, and so some scenes deserve a special mention. The five-minute speed dating between Shah Rukh and Kajol is interesting, while the one where Mukesh Rishi and Pankaj Tripathy narrate the Shah Rukh-Kajol back story is deeply engaging.

All in all, Dilwale was a great joyride with plenty to watch out for. Superb music. Stunning action. Unbelievable landscapes. Energetic youth in the form of Varun-Kriti. And of course, the enigmatic SRK-Kajol! Each of these elements can make you want to watch the film by themselves. And when put together, Dilwale is the great entertaining result! The film ends on a high note with Tukur Tukur, a song that you will keep singing to yourself long after the film is done. Watch it, as by Rohit Shetty's standards, it's his most complete and the most entertaining light comedy romantic movie.A Must Watch