0.5 Poor

Dil Se

I am surprised many people have enjoyed this movie, even though it was a Superflop in the Box office worldwide. The Only good thing about this movie, as many people know is the Music. Chaiya Chaiya and Dil se re are fantastic songs by A R Rahman. Dil se is extremely slow and boring with unrealistic characters that bore you. Shah Rukh Khan is apparently in Love with Manisha, who blatantly tells him she is not interested and gives so many reasons and excuse to leave her alone. But, Shah Rukh Khan doesn't get the message and still loves her, I guess that can be acceptable (love is strange) but Manisha looks ugly and nothing sweet or special to Fall in love with her, but Shah Rukh Khan still follows her. Thats, pretty much what happens in the whole film, the ending could of been better, but the ending in one word to describe SUCKS. Not emotional, nor appealing. I cant blame Shah Rukh Khan who gives a decent performance in a dull movie, which isn't made for him. Manisha is an actress who i do not appreciate, but gives a fine performance as a disturbed woman. DO NOT SEE THIS FILM.