0.5 Poor

Dhoom 2

The summary of review is its no way nearer to dhoom 1 or no way matches to the hype that was generated and existing....

A movie is a complete package and it should be rated accordingly. Dhoom 2 is nothing but hype. It doesn't have the substance to match the hype. KUDO'S to YASH RAJ banner and their marketing strategies coz of which they are riding on high success continuously instead of some not so great movies.

I watched the movie on tuesday and with the hype created by now i expected a better movie than what it actually is...

one shud blame evn Indiafm which gave 4.5 ratin for such a dull movie...i think the reviewers are even gettin carried away with the hype surrounded the movie...they shud be reviewin absolutely but not relatively or with a certain frame of mind.

Everyone knows tht the movie is regular chore-police kind of thing so nothing about the greatness of the story which is expected
The credit shud goto..

Abhishek (deserves on his own, hats off to him for his superb sublimed performance)
Hrithik (credit goes to make up man and costume designer and also to allan amin, many others in hindi film industry can do as much as he did with the footage given to him,cooperation of technicians )

nothing special about bip's and uday

let downs

ASH(over acts as usual)
Pritam(big let down in terms of music)

atlast its a below average movie