5 Excellent

Dhoom 2

Dhoom 2! aishwarya, hrithik, bipasha, abhishek n uday with a support frm yash raj films..u expect this film to be a miracle in itself..is it? well yes it is! n wow...wat a film..the film starts wid a train theft...n then the song dhoom again is just perfect n a eye candy!hr dances brilliantly n then the movie begins...more thefts, romance, comedy and more importantly...the brilliantly executed stunts (tunnel chase etc),tension(revolver scene), sexy gadgets!....this film is like a dream!wich u wish never ends..never has a movie been able to present all these emotions in last few years except a few!...songs are well paced although my name is ali isnt reqd!but who cares!aishwarya has given one of her best performances in this flick,bipasha is cool..abhishek is gud n uday is okkk!but the one who steals the show is HRITHIK ROSHAN! one hell of a guy who's got amazing screen presence n scenes wid hr n aish show dat hr n aish's chemistry almost matches hr n kareena!!

go watch the movie n go DHOOM..

will end the review here n mr. gadhvi...gimme dhoom3 very soon!