1.5 Average

Dhoom 2

okay, when i went in theatre i had high hpopes abt this movie thinking that this will be another hit from yash productions, and gues what i was toptallly WRONG!!!!. the movie i think it was worst movie out there by chopra.what were they even thinking while making thi movie... an action movie is suppose to have series of tiwists which will lead to another story....but it was a messed up story handled with out care...no wonder it will stand in market because of sxeey attractions that they provided in the movie but yea as on whole itz not good. Jr roshan annoyunced 1 year earlier that he is coming for a negative role and i did't got a glimpse of the bad it seemed as if jai( Abhishek) was bad cop... he didn't even had aldy with him while for rest they will ingling with ladies...... LOL on the whole movie is n't a fun ride at all....seems sequels really dont have any chance in bollywood and i hope none of stars of the movie get any nose dive by this movie.....peace out