1.5 Average

Dhoom 2

Dhoom the original was far better I walked in expecting the action we watched in the first and much to my disappointment and that of my friends it turned into another love story. Yes, Hrithik pulled off the disguises brilliantly and the man definitely looked good but come on could they not have come up with something better and as for the kiss there was no need for that the chemistry bet Hrithik and Ash was sizzling enough they did not need something like that. Hopefully if there even is a Dhoom 3 it will be far superior than Dhoom 2. A waste of good acting talent even Abishek's role he could of had so much more screen time it seemed as thought the focus was not on catching the thief but on the thief making out with the "girl" exactly like on of the previous reviews we watch Bollywood movies for a reason if we wanted Hollywood we would watch that. As for Bipasha here again they turned her into a ditz why could the her cop charcter have more screen time....

Very Disappointed